Sunday, January 27, 2008

Transfer, Catch, Tag and Release

The day was a sunny but cold with a stiff breeze and a consistent
swell- kind of reminds you its winter in Carolina. A small fleet of boats went out-
and a few fish were caught. Most were close by our team.
We were fortunate to get a transfer of a fish we were able to put two tags in (Pop-up and archival). It
was a nice fish that had an extra leader with algae growing on it- probably from years ago- we removed it. We put an archival in- and a pop up- we were getting a bit wet from waves coming through the transom door which always makes tagging exciting. No pictures as Andre and I were very busy- and Dave our mate handled the head end. The fish gave me a good run-in the chair- and we actually had to work for our transfer- reminiscent of the old days. The water was full of good signs- lots of bait, birds and dolphins. Today was the TAG teams last day with Captain Dale Britt aboard Sensation. We cannot say enough about his leadership, enthusiasm, hospitality, and skills. Dave our mate- has a love of tuna- that rivals ours- and he certainly enjoyed irrigating the fish with the deck hose and watching the colors come to life as the oxygen in the water revived the fish. They both did a super job this year- helping us put out a significant number of tags. We're over on the Leslie Anne- with Captain Gary Stuve & Co. for the next leg of TAG 2008! Barb

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