Sunday, January 6, 2008

TAG A Giant 2008 Is Here!

We are back in our favorite spot- Morehead City/Beaufort North Carolina and once again TAG is on. Our team had a successful day today tagging three fish- with archival tags and two double tagged fish with Satellite tags and archival tags (both in or on the same fish!). It was a spectacular calm day- a fleet of boats is here- commercially fishing and weekend warriors with permits to catch bluefin, and with the limit at 3 fish a day- we saw some extensive action on bluefin- over 35 fish were landed commercially - and at least 3- were released! The highlight of the day was catching aboard the TAG boat Sensation our first 2 fish of 2008, a 89" beauty and a slightly smaller second fish that with the water clarity very high- gave us a bluefin "show" that was worth the trip. We also were very lucky this morning to get a "Transfer" of a bluefin (a smaller fish) that was released from a commercial boat to our team for tagging! Quite a day- and we hope that tomorrow will continue the trend. We're at the TAG team count of 978 tags and of course- we're headed for the magic 1000! Pictures show Drs. Barbara Block, Andre Boustany and Pat Halpin tagging tuna along with Angler Mike, And Mate Dave all aboard Captain Dale Britt's vessel. Tightlines to all- Barb

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