Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

The TAG team is back in Durham...Dr. Boustany gave a guest lecture at Duke University to Dr. Ben Best's Marine Geospatial Ecology class and the rest of the team is preparing tags. The campus is abuzz with pre-spring break festivities and the upcoming rivalry basketball game between Duke and North Carolina...TAG is still waiting on tickets to materialize for the Saturday match up.

We are in a holding pattern until the weather improves, but hopefully we will be back on the water soon!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gentlemen Start Your Engines

The 2012 Season is in full swing...the TAG team left the dock early Monday morning eager to tag the first fish of the year. The F/V Sensation was surrounded by pods of dolphin, schools of hammerhead sharks and even a couple sperm whales, but the elusive bluefin never bit the hook. We did get a bite out of a dolphin fish but even the Mahi wouldn't cooperate. The only thing that did cooperate was the weather...70 degrees with 10 knot winds and 2 to 3 foot seas.

The team ate a great Mexican dinner and gathered around the television to watch the Dayton 500 for dessert. We are on the beach until Friday because of the latest low pressure system and hopefully the fish will be waiting!!