Friday, January 25, 2008

Dave Loves Tuna

Hello all. Three more tags were deployed on Thursday. Dale couldn't make it out with us due to prior commitments but Christopher "CR" Russell, longtime mate on the Sensation and Forthsomething stepped up to fill his Uggs. We were joined by Lesley Thorne and Jeremy Smith with Dave Jones rounding out the crew in the cockpit. We started off the day by heading back to the same area where we had caught our fish on Wednesday. We didn't have the gear in the water more than 15 minutes when the line started screaming off two of the reels. One of the fish pulld off almost instantly and we fought the other for about 10 minutes before it too pulled the hook. Needless to say, this was an exhilarating yet depressing start to the day. After setting the gear back out and drowning our sorrows in Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits, we regrouped and got back to the work of hunting the mighty bluefin. The sea was alive yet again, with gannets diving, dolphins jumping and plenty of bait fish appearing on the sounder. We weren't lucky enough to get another strike but we did get three fish transferred to us. So, three more fish that previously didn't have tags are now outfitted with the latest in fish tracking technology.

Thanks to CR, Dave, Lesley and Jeremy for a great day out on the water. It looks like we'll be getting out on the water again tomorrow (Saturday) so hopefully we'll have more exciting tales of tuna for you. Stay tuned...


Walter said...

Please tell David Jones I said hello. David and I grew up fishing and hunting together in N. Florida. David's natural instinct and passion for the outdoors (especially fishing)is unmatched and I'm glad to know his love for fishing will now be used to benefit marine research.


Gavin said...

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