Monday, January 21, 2008

Count Down to Tagging the 1000th Atlantic Bluefin

News Flash from TAG:

We are actually up to electronic tag Number: 990 in the North Atlantic. That is we (The TAG team) have put out NINE HUNDRED NINTY ELECTRONIC TAGS. Ok so to most of you- thats a season's catch for the US fleet. WEll...I had a dream- to tag 1000 Atlantic bluefin. Hard to believe we're this close. Robbie and Gaelin- remember 900? What a fish.

The weather is rough right now in NC where our team is ready to continue deploying tags with the Sensation and the Leslie Anne.

I found a some old pictures- 1997- releases aboard the Raptor- the old team: Chuck Farwell, Tom Williams and Barb aboard Raptor- Captained by Gary Stuve and Peter Wright, cerca February 1997. Join us-Only 10 to go!


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