Monday, January 7, 2008

Calm Weather and Bluefin Bites

For the 4th day- spectacular calm oily seas and warm temperatures
have been coupled with a showing of bluefin. The commercial
fleet looked like a super highway- and fish were cut off as quickly as they
were on today- we had a double- but unfortunately a novice boat handler cut
off both fish- by crossing across the lines. The fleet had a 104 inch fish-
and large fish in the 90 inch year class appeared again at the docks. The fishing in the past few days is similar to 2005 and prior years- but we'll have to wait to see if it holds. We're heading out early tomorrow in hopes of getting a bite prior to the sun coming up! Tightlines- Barb

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John LoGioco said...

Hi Barbara, anyone who is not there is officially jealous after reading this last post. Sounds amazing. Glad to hear the fish are in. Just curious as to the methods boats are employing, trolling? chumming/bait? Hook em up today. Right now I am on the train heading into NYC :) Happy Tagging!