Friday, January 5, 2007

First Day on the Water

The TAG team had our first day on the water yesterday. Robbie, Luis, Jake and I joined the crew of the Sensation in our quest to tag the elusive bluefin tuna. It was a beautiful day on the water but the fleet didn't manage to find any sizable body of fish. Only a handul of fish were landed throughout the entire fleet with the tagging boat not getting any bluefin on deck. It looks like the weather will prevent us from getting on the water on Friday and Saturday but we'll be ready to go on Sunday with our full compliment of three TAG boats. The F/V Leslie Anne arrived in Beaufort yesterday after a tough three day trip up from Florida. Captains Gary Stuve and Doug Roberts came up from Florida and were joined by John Rafter who drove down from Pennsylvania. In addition, the F/V Summer Session, with a crew from Wofford College in South Carolina, will be making it's first appearance at TAG this year. All three boats will be ready to go once the weather clears and hopefully we'll find some fish to tag.

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