Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bluefin Futures Discussed at Duke's Town Hall

The Bluefin Town Hall was a success Monday night with over 60 fishers and scientists spending an evening together discussing bluefin science with Drs. Block and Boustany. The discussion included concrete suggestions by the community of bluefin tuna fishers here- that could be taken to ensure the future of the fishery. For all of you interested in bluefin science and policy, we will try and post relevant information on our latest reports and downloads link to keep you informed. It was a lot of fun having fishers from North and South Carolina, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maine all in the same room. Together we shared our knowledge and our concerns for the bluefin. The weather improved today, but once again the tuna were not found at all- we fished hard today- in seas that came down all day and allowed some good effort by a small fleet of a dozen vessels. Together we searched a lot of the places that the tunas have been hooked- primarily to the west of the shoals. There was a good sign of bait and some birds but no bluefin. The weather will only allow one more day tomorrow and then the TAG team will retreat and hold off fishing until a sign of fish shows. With a Duke presence in the state led by Drs. Andre Boustany and Pat Halpin, we can sit tight and hope that the bluefin return providing the opportunity to tag once again.

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