Friday, January 19, 2007

Cold Weather Returns

The TAG teams two vessels, Sensation and Leslie Anne, searched to the west of Cape Lookout for bluefin in choppy seas and less than ideal conditions. The cold weather reminded all of us of the early years, but the lack of fish did not. After the warm days of winter this cold northerly blow we know is good for moving the fish our way, but either the team is getting soft or we’re all aging. When you’ve been tagging in 70 F weather, the cold weather is a bit tougher on the skin and soul. The winds and the seas are not cooperating much these days – and I am sure the commercial fleet is frustrated at the lack of access due to weather- natural protection in this realm for bluefin tuna. Let’s hope the winds subside and we get another crack to find them. Potentially we’ll get out Sunday. The Monterey Bay Aquarium TAG team members have enjoyed some sight seeing on the days off- and truly enjoyed a fine tour at the recently renovated North Carolina Pine Knolls Shores Aquarium which is spectacular.

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