Saturday, October 15, 2011

Director's Cut

Danny Coffey, Robbie Schallert and George Shillinger

TAG-A-Giant Canada welcomed Dr. George Shillinger, the new director of the TAG-A-Giant Foundation, as well as Daniel Coffey, the new Tuna Research and Conservation Center technician, to the water for the first time. And they chose a good day because the bluefin were snapping...we tagged 4 fish on 7 bites...and had tuna busting all around the boat. All three boats, the F/V Bay Queen IV, F/V Nicole Brandy and F/V Pete's Pair-A-Dice caught at least one fish. 
Pete's Pair-A-Dice hooked up before a transfer
We placed two acoustic tags on two fish made by local Nova Scotian company Vemco. And the other two fish received pop-up satellite archival tags manufactured by Wildlife Computers.

-Robbie Schallert
Bluefin tuna with a Vemco acoustic tag

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