Monday, October 24, 2011

All Quiet on the Western Front

Upon the fourth straight day of rare perfect weather, we anticipated great things. We were off to a slow start marking tuna here and there but never reeling any in.

In the afternoon, the water turned perfectly still, creating a mirror image of the sky. Large schools of mackerel, visible by the nervous water vibrating above them, surrounded the boat. While waiting for tuna to bust through,  we were visited by a seal bobbing its head up and down like a buoy, and a  curious little mola swam  around one of our floats. Then boom! Giant tuna began shattering through the glassy water in the distance as we reeled in our lines and went after them. It seemed as though they were toying with us for as soon as we arrived on top of them, they would bust again behind us.

Even with no tuna, the sheer calmness and beauty of the day brought amazement to us all.

-Danny Coffey

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