Monday, October 19, 2009

A Battle Between Giants in Canada

The TAG team got on the board in Canada yesterday, releasing two giant bluefin tuna with satellite and acoustic tags thanks to the help of a giant that remained safely onboard. Even at 7 ft tall, angler Chris Mihm, center for the Los Angeles Lakers, was nearly dwarfed by the 98-inch and 107-inch fish he brought to the tagging vessel, Bay Queen IV, which was captained by Dennis Cameron.

TAG Angler Chris Mihm

After several days stuck onshore due to weather (during which time Chris stayed busy hanging out at the dock learning how to wield a saw to sample bluefin tuna earbones, called otoliths, and taking pictures with fans eager to guess who was taller - Chris or their fish!), the TAG team was thrilled to be out on the water yesterday. Three other vessels were fishing with the F/V Bay Queen IV - the F/V Pete's Pair-A-Dice, F/V Nicole Brandy, and F/V Carrie Anne. After a quick stop to catch mackerel on the way out of the harbor to use as bait, the fishing began. The ocean was alive. The team marked lots of fish under the boat, and they were surrounded by porpoises, pilot whales and minkes.

Capt Bernie aboard the F/V Nicole Brandy before transfer to the tagging vessel, F/V Bay Queen IV in the background

The first to hook up was the Nicole Brandy, and after a 72 min fight the ~750-lb fish was tagged and released under the direction of TAG scientists Dr. Steve Wilson and Robbie Schallert. Next to hook up was Pete's Pair-A-Dice, and after a 43 min fight, the ~950-lb fish was released with its brand new tag accessories.

Chris vs. Fish

Although the Carrie Anne hooked up and successfully passed their rod to the tagging boat, the fish pulled the hook after a half hour fight and the team had to go home content with two fish tagged.

It was good to break our duck, and hopefully the upcoming good weather will be productive. Stay tuned!

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