Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Giant Tagged in Canada

The weather kept us on land in the morning, but we decided to take our chances and were on the fishing grounds by lunchtime. The decision paid off, and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. There were fish busting everywhere, but they weren't biting. We tagged one bluefin, hooked by Capt. Bruce Keus aboard the F/V North Lake Breeze. At 84-inches long, the fish was small (at least by Canadian standards) and was estimated at ~400lbs. Celebrity tagger Chris Mihm did the honors, expertly affixing the satellite tag near the base of the second dorsal under the guidance of veteran TAG scientists Dr. Steve Wilson (in the white Stanford hat) and Robbie Schallert (sampling skin mucous in the photo below).

The water temperature was 11.7C today - down from 12.5C two days ago. Everyone in the fleet was commenting that it was strange that there were lots of fish but they just weren't biting. Hopefully we will have a few more productive tagging days before the season ends.

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