Thursday, April 5, 2007

The bluefin have eluded us...

Sunday and Tuesday saw the TAG team skunked in the search for bluefin. It sounded like it was slow fishing around the fleet with only a handful of bluefin encountered coupled with a slowdown in the yellowfin bite as well. We did manage to get 5 yellowfin. Not bad for a bluefin fishing trip. On Tuesday, we ranged far and wide looking for the schools of bluefin. We travelled far offshore but still had no luck. We did see quite a range of other animals though. Travelling through the nearshore, shelf and offshore ecosystems that North Carolina has to offer, we were lucky to see bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and pilot whales as well as a few loggerhead turtles. A couple of nice days on the water, even without bluefin. As we travelled so far to the north on Tuesday, we decided to head into Oregon Inlet at the end of the day. A one hour car ride back to Hatteras made for a long day.

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