Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Back in Hatteras

March 24th and 25th saw the tag team aboard the Boss Lady with captain Eric Holmes and mate Barry Jr. Andre and CP were joined by Andreas Walli and Jake Nogueira from California. Ramunas Zydelis, a postdoc at Duke University also joined the TAG team as a guest angler. Saturday saw one bluefin caught first thing in the morning. It was a larger fish than the ones we had seen the day before (approximately 170 lbs). Ramunas did a great job angling a big fish on 80 lb gear and after about an hour, the fish was on the deck. Andreas performed the surgery and the fish was back in the water before he knew what had happened. With a full day ahead of us, we had high hopes for more tagging opportunities. Unfortunately, the bluefin didn't get the memo that we were looking for them and we didn't see any more tunas for the rest of the day. We did manage to get a wahoo towards the end of the day though.

Sunday the 25th saw 5 yellowfin but no bluefin encounters. Oh well.

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