Friday, October 24, 2014

The Carrie Anne Show

We only had a half day but by the time we were back to the dock...five fish had electronic tags...and the F/V Carrie Anne passed off four of them. Captain Steve MacInnis started the day off with three fish in a row...he would pass us a fish and by the time we finished fighting and tagging the bluefin...he was hooked up again.

Captain Steve MacInnis passes off another bluefin

Not to be out done...the F/V Nicole Brandy passed us two fish in a row...the tagged fish was a beautiful 800 pounder.

Bluefin getting spun around before going out the door

Before we could set up to fish ourselves...the Carrie Anne had a double hook up. One of the fish got a tag and the other pulled the hook...but the excitement continued aboard the Carrie Anne as another bluefin tuna bit the hook right as the next bait hit the water.

Tag team takes a selfie while Lloyd reels in another fish

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