Monday, March 19, 2012

That's a wrap!

Capt. Dale Britt calls an end to the 2012 season

Tancred Miller and Kelly O'Neal smile after reeling in a bluefin

Corrie Curtice fights a bluefin while Kelly O'Neal and commercial fisherman David Schalit look on

Danny Coffey practices liphooking on a yellowfin tuna under Alan Scibal's and Robert Schallert's tutelage

Team TAG-A-Giant on board the F/V Sensation (picture by Danielle Waples)

The 2012 North Carolina tagging season has come to a successful conclusion. After 10 days on the water, TAG placed 25 archival tags and 1 conventional tag in 26 bluefin tuna! The weather for the last week was incredible...warm, flat, and fishy! The Gulf Stream was teaming with life...a constant reminder as to why we do what we do! We had fantastic support from local fisherman in both Hatteras and Oregon Inlet, and the Sensation always had an eager angler ready to get in the chair!

It took a phenomenal effort on behalf of the entire team. Capt. Dale Britt and Mate Alan Scibal were extraordinary once again...working tireless days in search of fish. Dr. Andre Boustany led the team for most of the trip repeatedly trying to pass the reins, although it is unclear if he was trying to empower or permanently delegate. There are numerous scientists who worked long hours back at Stanford University programming tags, writing grants, packing, shipping and supporting the tagging operation...many thanks to Dr. Barbara Block, Dr. Steve Wilson, Michael Castleton, and Dr. Randy Kochevar...Monterey Bay Aquarium technician, Danny Coffey, was once again invaluable both in the lab and field. Special thanks to our director, Dr. George Shillinger, who allowed the team to exceed budget and expectations.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for North Carolina 2013...or on the next tagging adventure! If you are interested in joining TAG in the field or joining our mailing list, contact us at

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