Monday, March 22, 2010

...and we're back!

After a few days away from the coast, Robbie and I headed back to Hatteras for some more tagging. We got to the coast on Friday, a beautiful warm day that made for a pleasant drive from Durham. While in Durham, we caught the first round match up between UNC and William and Mary in the first round of the NIT and Robbie watched the semi finals and final game of the ACC tournament. Robbie and I also had the chance to watch our two respective alma maters play their first round games in the NCAA tournament. Cornell dominated Temple to advance to the second round, showing some solid fundamental basketball. Texas, not so much.

We also stopped by the statue of Knut Schmidt-Nielsen on the Duke campus for a quick photo-op. Knut is my academic grandparent (my advisor's advisor). Not many scientists get statues erected in their honor, which speaks to the incredible influence Knut had and still has on the field of comparative physiology.

We'll get some fishing pictures loaded up shortly...

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