Wednesday, September 23, 2009

La Bella Tonno Rosso

TAG is in Italia! TAG scientist Dr. Andy Seitz, with the generous assistance, support and hospitality of Daniele Crepaldi, is on the trail of Italian bluefin, or tonno rosso to the locals. The expedition began in the city of Imperia on the Ligurian Sea. The first day was windy so they toured the city. They fished the next three days and saw nothing. Just as they decided that there were no fish in the area and it started to pour rain, they caught a small bluefin of 103 cm (~40 in). Because it was too small to satellite tag, they tagged it with one of the new LAT tags - a more compact archival tag.

They are now in Livorno on the southern Ligurian Sea in the Tuscany region, where they will fish for a couple of days before heading over to the Adriatic Sea.

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Itaca1937 said...

I'm an old sportsman loving blue fin fishing. Now my new purpose is RELEASING but I'm afraid about the future of the released blue fin with a PIERCING in their mounth. My question is:
1) HOOKS ecologic, self destroing in few months: I'mnt able to find.Can You help me?
2) How can I start to support Yr action tagging my Tonni rossi ?
Please give me instructions.
My area is Southern Adriatic Sea (Puglia).
Thanks Regards
Maurizio Gatti