Sunday, October 26, 2008


TAG team CANADA Continued the remarkable story of big fish with 6 more Canadian Giants tagged and released. The TAG boat and the
catching fleet worked together transferring 6 fish from the boats to the Bay Queen IV. The team worked together where every boat in the TAG Fleet contributed with a fish for transfer and we succeeded tagging 2.5 Tons of fish several measured in the1000 # class. The Tags are set for 240-300 days- We hope to see where these fish go to Breed. Dr. Steve Wilson and Aaron Spares are leading the charge and the picture above shows Dr. Steve tagging a big one. Aaron, Sheldon (near the hose), mate Mike and Captain Pete are helping on the deck. The fishers of Nova Scotia and PEI are doing the hard work of catching and transferring the fish. More quota has been allocated, when its all captured- we'll be back out tagging- Barb for Dr. Wilson Go Steve!

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brodie creed said...

I was wondering if you ever thought about the seiner fisher that wiped out the all the bait along the eastern seaboard as the reason the u.s. hasn,t seen the fish that we the candian fisherman see up here...also we catch a lot of smaller fish early on in the season in the 400 to 600 range...which would be prime breeders...
When we opened are second season on oct6 canso n.s. was full of fish in the range of 200 to 500 hundred range.I realize what is happing on the global scale of things but I think if you ask any candian fisherman the last 6 or 7 years we have seen record number of fish of all sizes...You have to have bait before you will find tuna..also since you have been up here tagging who have you shared you your findings with? I fell sometimes only one side of the story is be told....You have fisherman that have befishing this before half your team was even born an i don,t feel that your wanting to talk to the average fisherman....besides the chosen in closing what is your take on are fishery on the western side of the atlantic..I,m sure you have seen DR John Nelsions graph showing the hook ups that we had last year(2007)
Also feel free to contact the p.e.i fishermans association at 566 4050