Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pacific Bluefin Tagged!

The Tag-A-Giant team is currently onboard the F/V Shogun for our annual tagging and collecting trip. After two days in U.S. waters, we're now fishing in Mexican waters where a very nice showing of tunas occurred. Small bluefin were feeding at the surface in numerous spots. Some are the smallest fish we've seen in years- measuring 63-68 cm- about 5kg fish. We were able to collect 16, tag about 10, and then collect 3 for sampling by Ph.D students doing projects on physiology and ecology. It's been a team effort - we're after bluefin from the 2nd year class - fish that are new arrivals from the western Pacific. Catching them can be challenging. We were able to switch to lighter tackle, and sure enough we hooked over two dozen on light tackle.

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