Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tag-A-Giant in Canada!

Drs. Barbara Block and Andre Boustany are currently up in the small fishing community of Port Hood on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. The bluefin fishery there targets fish in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and is known for the very large size of fish that visit those cold northern waters in late summer and early fall. Barbara and Andre are heading up a team that is trying to tag some of those big fish.

Today was their first day on the water, and they caught three fish. One was lost, but they tagged the other two, one of which was 273 cm long and estimated to be 1000 lbs in weight! The weather looks good for tomorrow, and hopefully they'll be successful again.

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brodie creed said...

what does the purpose of putting tags in fish do for the hook an line fisherman? We know they travel thousands of kilometers ,they mix east an west schools mix....we know there spawning ground it for the long line liners? who funds this? I,m all for consvertaion but who gains from this....?
Also i must add that we as a p.e.i. tuna fleet were not aware that you would be up in the gulf tagging...did you people contact the p.e.i.f.a. which is the oranganization that we belong to?
Because if you did we were never told besides the chosen there is a lot of hard feelings over the whole program...
In closing i would like to add that if you would like to see a waste of quoto just take a look at how many fish we killed for nothing in september in 3 days....98 was a slaughter...
Maybe you would like to see some of the log books or talk to some of the other fisherman because i,m sure your not getting the whole story...we killed way to many fish for nothing......but change is coming for the fleet as a lot of us have had a enough of this b.s. thank you for your time..