Friday, August 24, 2007

On the Board in France!

Dr. Andy Seitz just reported that the team tagged their first Atlantic bluefin tuna in the waters off Carry Le Rouet, France. A pop-up satellite archival tag was deployed on a 57" bluefin tuna. They took tissue samples for genetic analysis from three smaller fish that they caught and released. There was a lot of fish activity in the area, and they'll be back on the water tomorrow for more fishing. Hopefully they'll get some more tags out!


giacomo said...

Happy to see your fantastic job also here in the mediterranean. Hope that your efforts will raise consciousness of the dire situation of bluefin in the med: ridicolous fishing quotas which no-one seems to be bound to (this is true also for most sport fishermen)
and no enforcing at all of the few existing rules.
Giacomo (a not yet resigned sport fishermen)

Anonymous said...

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