Sunday, March 25, 2007

TAG team finds bluefin!

Bluefin have been found along the frontal regions of the northern portion of the Carolina Coast. With the help of Captain Rom Whittaker of Hatteras, the rapid deployment across the country of a small TAG research team to Hatteras has paid off as the Tag team has been able to quickly place 22 archival tags in bluefin tuna. Led by Dr. Andre Boustany of Duke University and Andreas Walli & Jake Noguiera of Stanford University the team is now fishing aboard the Boss Lady with Captain Eric Holm. Fish in the area have ranged from large fish- over 300 lbs to smaller fish in the 60-80 lb year class. A strong cold front is expected to affect the region tonight and tomorrow- hopefully we can stay with the tunas- for another few days. This spring bluefin fishing historically lasts only a few weeks and if the weather and water warm up- the bluefins continue to move north. For now- the team is in striking distance of the overall TAG objective of 1000 Atlantic tags. It would be super if that goal could be reached at the place where the winter bluefin tuna fishery all started:
Hatteras, NC. Go team.

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Frosting said...

I learned of your project on Fishing with Roland Martin and would just like to say thank you so much for your research efforts Dr. Block!